What to do

Your local fire department is usually the first responder to provide care for property loss victims. But once they leave the premise, you are responsible to protect yourself from any liablility issues that come along with the dangerous conditions your property is left with due to your loss.


As a homeowner you should first contact your homeowner's insurance company to report and set-up a claim. Your insurance carrier will then recommend you to board-up your property if necessary. The board-up service is necessary to safeguard yourself from:

  • neighborhood trespassers probing the scene
  • vandals foraging through debris
  • liabilities on the territory of damage


Insurance claims may be handled in different ways. One way is to pay the board up company directly and submit the work order through your homeowner's insurance policy for reimbursement.

Another method is to have your board up company bill the homeowner's insurance carrier directly. Since we have an experienced relationship with insurance companies, we work directly with the insurance claim adjuster and submit our work order directly. There is no need for you to handle another task.


Understanding the way insurance companies can work with services for a board up rendered, you can take better control of the situation. If you want to let the insurance company handle the entire process you can do that as well. Knowing how the process is handled may set your mind at ease.

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